Autodesk Showcase Essentials
Length: 1 day
Times: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
AIA Credit Hours: 6.5 hours

This course covers the essential tools and principles of preparing 3D models and designs for presentations using Autodesk Showcase. Autodesk Showcase visualization software creates accurate, realistic imagery from 3D CAD data to communicate form and brand character. Students learn how to navigate its interface, import and adjust imported geometry, prepare a design for presentation by applying and configuring environments, controlling lights and shadows, and assigning materials and decals to the design geometry. Concepts of presenting a design in different ways by creating alternatives, creating shots, and adding a turntable behavior are covered, as well as learning how to enhance the display of the geometry through the use of ray tracing and
custom environments. To conclude the class, students will work on his/her own CAD model in order to apply what is learned.

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