Autodesk Showcase
Length: 3 days
Times: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
AIA Credit Hours: 15 hours

Do you think realistic and accurate presentations from your existing 3D models are out of reach? Anyone can learn the basics of Autodesk Showcase to quickly and easily create movies, images, or other content that inspires and motivates your customers. Whether you are in Engineering or Marketing, this three-day course will allow you to collaborate with others like never before! Learn to navigate a scene and import and adjust geometry. Prepare a design by applying environments, lighting and shadows, and realistic materials. Learn how to create compelling presentations with camera movements, alternative material styles or positions, and turntable behaviors. Also get an introduction into raytracing for enhanced display and creating custom environments for your products. Whether for marketing materials, website design, or even customer-driven decision making, Showcase brings realism and style within your reach.

Currently Scheduled Classes

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